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We stand on the cusp of a thrilling venture, poised to launch within the next 3 months, contingent upon securing the necessary capital, a portion of which we’ve already acquired. Our initial rollout will feature basic functionality, with a robust roadmap to fully develop all core functions within 8 months. At this pivotal juncture, we actively seek sponsors and investors willing to contribute not only capital but also their invaluable expertise to propel our vision forward.

In our pursuit of excellence, our diverse team of over 25 contributors has dedicated almost 7,000 collective hours to meticulously craft a comprehensive collector’s catalog. Focused primarily on coins and banknotes, our catalog prioritizes Norway, offering a deep dive into its rich history and culture. Each item within the catalog is accompanied by a wealth of detailed information, including economic conditions, historical monarchs, specifications, and vivid imagery. This wealth of knowledge is further enhanced by a robust database housing approximately 11 million unique data points, ensuring a rich and immersive experience for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

As we forge ahead, we extend a heartfelt invitation to potential contributors, sponsors, dealers, investors, and members to join us on this exciting journey. Together, let’s explore the intricacies of collectibles and overcome challenges, creating a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to celebrating our shared passions.

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Become a member and gain access to a host of exclusive benefits tailored to enhance your collecting experience:

Personalized Collecting Area: Enjoy your own dedicated space equipped with filters to effortlessly manage and view your collection’s estimated value.

Auction Placement: Seamlessly place your collectibles up for auction through our network of trusted dealers, maximizing visibility and potential returns.

Future Enhancements: Stay ahead of the curve with upcoming features designed to streamline organization and deepen your understanding of your collection.

Discover the ease of identifying editions, grading, and unique variants, all while enjoying detailed descriptions of every item in our catalog. Join today and elevate your collecting journey with Collectium.


For a limited time to end of 2024, all individuals interested in receiving a complimentary Bronze Membership for one year are invited to fill out the form below.

Here, you don’t need to be a professional collector; we estimate your collectibles and make it accessible for everyone, ensuring a low barrier to understand what you have.

If you’re a dealer, we’re here to connect with you. Our platform provides a streamlined space where you can effortlessly organize your auctions, track all transactions, manage users, maintain historical ownership records, and access a dedicated landing page featuring state auctions and contact information.


Effortless Auction Organization: Easily organize your auctions in a user-friendly interface.

Comprehensive Transaction Tracking: Keep track of all transactions, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

User Management Made Simple: Manage users seamlessly, enhancing communication and collaboration.

Historical Ownership Tracking: Maintain records of historical ownership for valuable insights and provenance.

Dedicated Landing Page: Access a dedicated landing page featuring state auctions and contact information for easy navigation and communication.

Join us and streamline your operations as a dealer!

Is your company or organization passionate about history, culture, and collectibles?

We’ve developed a secure platform that connects members and dealers, allowing them to create their own collections. Our platform, built upon Collectium’s catalogs, simplifies the identification of collectibles and automates item valuation based on quality. Users can explore the history behind each item, including financial aspects and specifications.


  1. Security and safety.
  2. Customized collections.
  3. Easy identification of items.
  4. Automated valuation.
  5. Historical exploration.
  6. Engaging community.

Welcome to our collection of historical and cultural treasures!

Our Solutions

Explore the History Behind Your Collection

Discover detailed signatures dating back to the reigns of kings and learn about the historical and cultural significance of your items

Collect the Wealth of Norwegian Banknotes and Coins

Dive into the extensive Collectium catalog showcasing the diverse range of Norwegian currency

Estimated Value of Your Collection

Gain insights into the future value of your collection with valuable statistics and market trend analysis, enabling informed collecting decisions

An Enthralling Journey into Monetary History

Whether you’re an avid numismatist or simply curious about Norwegian currency, the Collectium catalog takes you on a captivating journey into monetary history. Unlock the secrets held within each banknote and coin


Keep track of your collection

Identify gaps in your collection and create a wish list to expand your interests. See what you have bought for, price in gold and last estimated turnover in the Collectium catalogue


Make Informed Choices with Market Insights

Access valuable statistics and insights into the future value of your collection. Analyze market trends and make informed decisions about your collecting passion.

Get the Best Offers from Other Collectors (Coming Soon…)

Stay tuned for upcoming features that allow you to receive the best offers from other collectors for items in your collection.


Create, Submit, Manage and Find New Collectibles ....

Estimate value

Create an account, import your collections, and experience the convenience of automatically estimated collection catalog prices. With Collectium, you can easily manage your collections, and our platform will provide you with instant estimated values based on market trends and historical data. Gain valuable insights into the worth of your collection and track its potential growth over time. Join us today and unlock the power of automated estimation for your collections


Explore the rich history of collectibles with Collectium. Discover the fascinating connections between kings dating back to 860 and their influence on various collectible items throughout time. From the year 1664 to the present day, our platform allows you to delve into the captivating relationship between collectibles and historical events.

Share your collection anonymously.

With a unique code, you can share your collection either as a whole or selectively, while keeping your name and profile invisible to others. Safeguarding your privacy, Collectium allows you to securely share your collection without revealing personal information. Share your passion with fellow collectors while maintaining full control over your privacy and anonymity

Forecasting Dashboard

Get a nice overview over your collections and your transactions. See your estimated value and history

Wihslist and Planning

See all your wishes come true in your personal collectium catalog. Plan your next buy to find your item in our online catalog

Management Reporting

Print out your collections or your orders, get an easy overview of your buying and selling (soon..)


Timeline Collection Analysis

See your transactions filtered buying, selling, import Collectium item in your profile timeline

Private Collection

Profiles are kept private, ensuring that no one can see your collection unless you choose to share it. With Collectium, you have full control over your privacy. You can decide whether to share specific items from your collection within the Collectium platform or on social media platforms. 

Expand Your Collection

List and publish your wanted items and estimated price range

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To all collecting enthusiasts out there!

Join us on an exciting collecting journey with the Collectium app and become part of our unique collector community! Discover fascinating collectibles and categories, including Norwegian coins and banknotes.

Share your passion, gain expert tips, and engage in exciting discussions on the forum. Join the Collectium forum today, and let’s explore, discuss, and learn together about the world of collecting! We look forward to meeting you and hearing your exciting stories about Norwegian coins and banknotes!

So, why wait? Let’s explore, discuss, and learn about the collecting world together with the Collectium app and forum. We can’t wait to meet you and hear your thrilling stories about Norwegian coins and banknotes!


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